October 31, 2018

You wake up one morning and you hear the radio playing a  classic Christmas carol. You popped in the mall to get some stuff and yep, there's no escaping it! It's all spruced up in red, white, and green holiday decor complete with fairy lights and shiny ornaments. Couple more weeks and you'll see Santa taking photos with everyone who's up for a two-fie. Yup, the holiday season is right around the corner, the question is, are you ready?


Just thinking about holiday shopping is giving me a headache already. It's not just about navigating the throng of crowds or finding the right deal, it is all about finding the right gift that won't somehow end up on eBay. Easier said than done, right? On the bright side, there are countless shops that do customized gifts to make it more personal and thoughtful than store bought ones. This definitely narrows down the field and if the recipient is a dog lover, why, things are suddenly looking up! All of a sudden you are presented with an overwhelming array of gift ideas! Here, we present to you a few pawsitively pawsome holiday gift suggestions.


1. Personalized Dog Phone Cases

The perfect stocking stuffer for dog lovers, these phone cases are made of high-grade coated Polycarbonate or TPU and they have one for most phone brands. Available in a variety of adorable designs complete with cute paws and bones, getting one is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply upload a photo of the recipients pupper, customize the text and colors, choose the right phone model and case type, preview your design, and voilà! Your friend and family will have something that's cute, sentimental, and functional! You can check them out by clicking here.


2. Pet Teepee

Dogs may be very social but they need some space too! The perfect escape to take a nap or hide in, most of these teepees are so adorably designed that it makes a nice addition to any room. Made mostly of durable cotton canvas and wooden poles, these pet house easily assembles and disassembles and can be carried around anywhere. Perfect for your friends or family member who moves around a lot with their pets! Suitable for use at home, at the office, or even in the yard, this is a gift that both the recipient and the dog will love!


3. Pet Treat Launcher

In keeping with the selfie culture, this innovative gadget allows pet owners to sneakily take an awesome photo of their dogs! If you're a fur parent too, you will know the struggle of getting a decent photo of your fur babies. They're not exactly camera friendly creatures. They dash around and never sit still enough for your phone's camera. This pet treat launcher changes everything! Simply attach it to your smartphone, load it with a treat (which gets your pet's undivided attention), snap the photo, and launch the treat as a reward for your pet's adorable pose! We're sure your friend will love you for it! Imagine all the adorable photos they can take in a snap instead of their usual blurry shots!


4. Pet Blanket

Perfect for those cold winter nights, these blankets are made of high-quality fleece material. It's ideal for snuggling on the couch or keeping warm and toasty at outdoor events or camping! You know what would make it even more heartwarming? A photo of the recipient's fur baby printed across the blanket! Check these out here.


5. Christmas Dog Sweater

Some families have this sweet and funny tradition of wearing ugly looking sweaters on Christmas. Complete the family picture with this Christmas Dog Sweater! Adorned with reindeers, candy canes, Christmas balls, Santa, and snowman, the pups can now join the celebration while looking their holiday best. Not only are these sweaters looking totally fur-ocious, it'll also keep them warm amidst the chilly winter weather. Cop some booties too and they are ready to brave the snow!


6. Pet Odor Exterminator Candle

Sure, every fur parent adores their furry pals but not the smell that they bring in the house after playing outside. This pet odor exterminator candle helps eliminate the stench for a perpetually fresh and clean smelling home and work environment. Usually made of paraffin, soy wax, or essential oils, these candles are available in a wide variety of scents such as apple, citrus, honeydew, pineapple, and more!


7. Dog Water Bottle

Ideal for those who like to hike, exercise, or travel with their dogs. Available in a variety of materials and sizes, you should know what to look for when looking for the right one to give. It should be portable, compact, leak-proof, and suitable for the environment that the dog and their parent live in. Stainless steels pose no health risks, are durable and dishwasher safe but they tend to heat up pretty quickly so it's not ideal for hot climates. Plastic bottles meanwhile are a cheap option and also dishwasher safe. Just make sure they are BPA free!


It's not much but I hope this gets you to a good start on your holiday shopping plan. If your friend or family are devoted fur parents, they will be thrilled to receive any of the items on this list! You can find more great ideas if you click here.

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