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We at My Personal Paws are proud pet owners too. We're a small group of people who are literally obsessed with our pets and we love creating excellent products to celebrate our special bond them.

There are only two things that we value more than our products - our furry friends and our customers with their equally precious furry friends. This is the very reason that we wake up every single day buzzing and raring to go.

Things are doing great here and we're thankful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our pets and other animals. We'd love it for you to take part in this journey and together, let's build them a world that they deserve!


If you're anything like us, we can't help but gush over our pets! We love them just a little too much but who can blame us? They're a tad too cute and love us back just as much as we love them! Maybe even more.

As such, we took it upon ourselves to honor our special relationship by making products that celebrate this special bond. 

We've created customized stuff that our pets use and at the same time reflects their personality. Some, we created to honor and celebrate them. Others we just can't help making because they are way too cute. Anything from pillows, blankets, pet beds, canvases, bandanas, and more.

We offer you the ability to take part in the creation process by customizing the products you like and making it special for your pet. Our pets love this and yours will too!


Our pets love us to bits and the feeling is mutual.

Everyone who's ever had a dog, a kitten or a bunny will say pets are more than just animals. They become part of the family. Say we had a bad day at work and we walked in at the door with our head hanging low and our shoulders hunched. Our dogs will welcome us with tails wagging acting like we are the world's greatest gift to humanity. Feeling down and lonely? Your cat is always there for a cuddle. Just hearing their soft, contented purr is extremely therapeutic.

Suddenly, things are not so bad after all. Sure, we offer them a lot. We give them food, shelter, healthcare, and toys. But in more ways than one, we get more out of them: love, companionship, and loyalty.

We feel like we can never do enough to return these lovely creature's unconditional love. Thus, we do everything to pamper them and we want you to be able to do the same. 

Our goal is to create products that people like us will love and that can help celebrate you and your pets' bond. Our pets love our products and we know yours will too! 


Picture of our dog princePRINCE
This is Prince, our Siberian Husky. He is such a bundle of energy and every day, the house is in utter chaos with him and the kids running around. We love every minute of it.

Picture of our dog SpikeSPIKE
Say hi to Spike! He's a mixed breed. He is such a sweetheart. He would wait patiently for his treat every day and loves playing fetch with the kids on weekends.

Picture of our cat Pablo.PABLO
This is our cat Pablo. We like to call him Pablito and he likes to play, whenever he's in the mood that is.

Picture of our dog Luna.LUNA
Our dog Luna is now 5 years old. From when she was a puppy she was very playful and sweet.

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At My Personal Paws, we spend our days pampering our pets, giving them food and shelter, toys, healthcare, anything to keep them safe and happy. However, like parents with a child that's well provided for, we are painfully aware that there are animals out there who are homeless and meal-less.

In light of this, we have decided to donate 5% of our profits to animal rescues and shelters in the USA. We hope to someday see that no animals get killed for lack of a home, love, and attention. 

We would like to thank our customers (you) who are an integral part of this project.

Click here to read more about our charity program.

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